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All your friends are jerks.

Chia Island Comic Cover

Life in early 90's K-Town is pretty dull for Jeff. He's bored to tears with his flock of sycophantic high school friends, making consistently good grades has long ceased to bring him any satisfaction whatsoever, the mysterious giant robots and sentient, chia-sprouting pottery creatures who mingle with the citizenry have lost their novelty, and even the disgusting, cardboard-quality cafeteria pizza has lost its savor. He just can't wait until graduation when he can finally leave all this mediocrity behind.

Everything changes when he stumbles across a strange glowing ring in a box of Lucky Charms that gives him extraordinary super powers and sets in motion a series of events that could affect the very fabric of reality! (Or at least the very fabric of Jeff's sizable collection of denim jackets.)

With his newfound powers Jeff could become the champion the rustic municipality of K-Town needs doesn't need. Or he could use it for personal gain. Or even some combination thereof... No matter which path he chooses, these powers may end up being more trouble than they're worth as Jeff, his allies, and his enemies alike are all subjected to exhausting adventures involving mutants, a homicidal Jordan Knight doll, Aztec deities, a dash of time travel, art ninjas, and the mystery of the lost scions of Hernán Cortez.